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The Company

Staco was founded in 2004 We represent a lot of big companies in the yemen market

our work is to export and import sweets .

For Example chocolates , biscuits .cake and another sweets from Italy,

Morocco ,Brazil ,India ,Turkey ,Boland another countries .We are dealing with supplier from some countries we have staff marketing capable to work in republic provinces.

We have an experience in this area .

My pleasure to be our supplier partner we want to make long ,global

treading relationship to get on benefit for both parties.

Our selling Goal of my company is to distribute our producer to every marketingtargeting all segments of people by using

a transportation and new network distributions.

We focus directly on how to spread in partition market and we target on

consumers we sell our producer in beginning by cost price because

we want to break thought the market and consumers.

The many market we work on spreadingand rent corner

display goods in a nice place to reflecta good producers

We are agents for the following companies

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Published on: 2017-04-18 (1637 Reads)

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